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Goat Rancher Magazine
Published monthly
since 1996 from Egypt Creek Ranch

We register our Kikos with the National Kiko Registry.

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Egypt Creek Ranch

ECR Rusty (Southwest Cisco x JTV Nina) — one of the herdsires we’re using in our breeding program at Egypt Creek Ranch.


Terry Hankins, owner of Egypt Creek Ranch, has been raising percentage and fullblood Kikos since 1997 - longer than just about anybody else in the business today. During that time, his ranch has grown from a 15-acre homestead to a 175-acre, pasture-based meat goat operation that produces some of the top Kiko genetics in the nation.

In addition to his ranch operation, Terry has published Goat Rancher magazine since 1996. With the demands of his growing publication, the
expansion of the ranch would not have been possible without the hardy, low maintenance Kiko goat. Please look through the articles and information included on this website to learn more about why Kikos have thrived at Egypt Creek Ranch and why they would be a great choice for any meat goat operation.

Those interested in Kikos are invited to visit Egypt Creek Ranch and see these magnificent animals thriving and living off the land. Egypt Creek

Ranch is located in Sarah, Miss., 45 miles south of Memphis, Tenn.

Terry Hankins     _Phone 662-519-9697_      E-mail